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What Works Clearinghouse

What Works Clearinghouse (WWC), a branch of the United States Department of Education (USDE) and the Institute of Education Sciences (IES), found that Reading Recovery has positive effects—the WWC’s highest rating—on students’ alphabetics skills and general reading achievement. They found potentially positive effects, their next highest level of evidence, on fluency and comprehension outcomes. Of the 153 beginning reading programs reviewed, only Reading Recovery demonstrated either positive or potentially positive effects in all four areas of reading studied. Reading Recovery had the highest effect sizes of all programs reviewed in general reading achievement and fluency, second highest effect size in alphabetics and third highest effect size in comprehension. No other beginning reading program comes close to the results of Reading Recovery.*



*Visit the What Works Clearinghouse website to view the Beginning Reading Report at

Also visit the Reading Recovery Council of North America website for information on the What Works Clearinghouse Beginning Reading Report: