Undergraduate Study

Curriculum and Instruction prepares teachers who possess the professional skills necessary to thrive in the classroom and inspire their students to learn. C&I students learn through active involvement in their education classes. Hands-on experiences allow them to gain confidence as teachers while learning to apply best teaching practices. Our students are immersed in actual classrooms beginning with their first professional education course and continuing through their student teaching experience.

Our faculty are recognized internationally. Many have served as officers and leaders in national professional organizations. Others have written articles published in highly respected journals and/or received state, national or international awards.

UNI teaching majors are surrounded by opportunities to participate in student organizations, volunteer, and travel or study abroad. These provide outstanding leadership opportunities and extremely valuable practical experiences.

The strength of our programs, faculty, and student opportunities make UNI the number one place to go for preK-8 education.



FAQ for Elementary, Early Childhood, and Middle Level Education Majors