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Undergraduate Minor

Education majors may choose to minor in Literacy Education--Teaching. This minor provides undergraduate students with advanced knowledge and experiences in the teaching of literacy in the classroom. In order to declare this minor, a student must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The literacy education minor consists of 25 hours of coursework. Students may choose to focus on a Reading K-8 minor, or a Reading 5-12 minor. 

Coursework in the Literacy Education Minor-Reading K-8:

Courses from the Elementary Education Major:

  • LITED 1044 Children's Literature
  • LITED 3115 Methods of Teaching Early Literacy
  • LITED 3116 Methods of Teaching Content Literacy in the Intermediate Grades

    Courses specific to the Literacy Education Minor:

  • LITED 3119 Language Development & Emergent Literacy
  • LITED 3121 Advanced Children's Literature
  • LITED 4140 Assessment & Evaluation of Literacy
  • LITED 4193 Experience in Literacy: Field
  • LITED 4147 Advanced Literacy Practices
  • LITED 4192 Experience in Literacy: Tutoring


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