Undergraduate Minor

Literacy Education

Teaching majors may choose to minor in literacy education. This minor provides undergraduate students with advanced knowledge and experiences in the teaching of literacy in the classroom. In order to declare this minor, a student must have a GPA of 3.0 or higher. The literacy education minor consists of 25 hours of coursework. Students may choose to focus on a Reading K-8 minor, or a Reading 5-12 minor. 


Coursework in the Literacy Education Minor (Reading K-8):


Courses from the Elementary Education Major:

  • LITED 1044 Children's Literature
  • LITED 3115 Methods of Teaching Early Literacy
  • LITED 3116 Methods of Teaching Content Literacy in the Intermediate Grades

    Courses specific to the Literacy Education Minor:

  • LITED 3119 Language Development & Emergent Literacy
  • LITED 3121 Children's Literature for Diversity & Social Justice
  • LITED 4140 Assessment & Evaluation of Literacy
  • LITED 4193 Experience in Literacy: Field
  • LITED 4147 Advanced Literacy Practices
  • LITED 4192 Experience in Literacy: Tutoring


Coursework in the Literacy Education Minor (Reading 5-12):


  • LITED 4117   Methods of Teaching Content Literacy at the Middle and Secondary Level
  • LITED 4192   Experience in Literacy: Tutoring (Co-requisite with LITED 4147) Pre-requisite:Completion of LITED 4140/4193
  • LITED 4193   Experience in Literacy: Field (Co-requisite with LITED 4140)
  • LITED 3119   Language Development and Emergent Literacy OR TESOL 4510 Language Development
  • TESOL 4120 Introduction to Linguistics OR TESOL 4110 The Structure of English OR TESOL 4740 Teaching of Writing
  • LITED 4140  Assessment and Evaluation of Literacy (Co-requisite with LITED 4193) 
  • LITED 4147  Advanced Literacy Practices (Co-requisite with LITED 4192) Pre-requisite:Completion of LITED 4140/4193
  • ENGLISH 2520 Multicultural Literature OR ENGLISH 2420 Survey of American Literature
  • ENGLISH 4940 Literature for Young Adults


To declare a minor in literacy education, print the “Declaration of Curriculum” form, complete it, and take it to the Registrar’s office.  It is highly recommended that you talk with your advisor before declaring a minor in order to determine how it will fit into your plan of study.  When using the form to declare a minor, the only signature needed is your own (you do not need a signature from literacy education faculty or from your advisor).


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