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Strategic Plan

2011 Strategic Plan - Alpha Chapter of Alpha Upsilon Alpha Honor Society
Vision:    Dynamic literacy to empower and connect all people.
Mission:  To honor outstanding literacy scholars and professionals and inspire collaboration to develop effective literacy instruction and initiatives.
Goal 1: to recognize and encourage scholarship, leadership, and service in the field of literacy


Objective 1.1

Honor outstanding candidates through invitation.


Objective 1.2

Inform other UNI students and professionals about qualifications for and benefits of membership.


Objective 1.3

Recognize individuals and organizations outside of AYA for exceptional efforts and accomplishments in the promotion of literacy.


Objective 1.4

Disseminate information about literacy opportunities to our membership.

Goal 2: to stimulate the interest in and understanding of research within the field of literacy


Objective 2.1

Generate a data base of “must reads” in literacy that is posted on our website.


Objective 2.2

Invite members to provide abstracts of their published articles and books to be posted on the website.


Objective 2.3

Generate a blog to allow members to share ideas and articles they have found helpful.

Goal 3: to develop an appreciation for the importance of literacy in society, the need for effective teaching of literacy at all levels, and the ever-increasing literacy demands of modern society


Objective 3.1

Establish a grant program that funds ideas for community-based literacy projects.


Objective 3.2

Steer membership to available resources to support literacy outreach programs.


Objective 3.3

Invite UNI literacy faculty members to share their work(s) on the website.

Goal 3: to broaden international understanding and communication about literacy


Objective 4.1

Establish a sisterhood with other Alpha Upsilon Alpha groups.


Objective 4.2

Arrange for a presentation at the Elementary Literacy and Reading Recovery Conference.


Objective 4.3

Sponsor an overseas chapter of Alpha Upsilon Alpha.