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Spring 2013


Welcome to our first e-newsletter for School Library Studies alums! Our goal is to connect with you and

  •     share what is going on
  •     hear what's happening within the profession, and
  •     make connections with each other

We like the idea of a UNI School Library Studies community-and we hope you will too!

The Link will be published two times per year. 

New Curriculum

UNI requires each academic program to complete a formal program review every seven years. The 2012-13 academic year is the review year for School Library Studies. Highlights of changes over the last seven years included:

  •     A reduction in hours required was lowered to 33 semester hours.
  •     Moving to a cohort model where students enter as a group and proceed through their program of study.
  •     Evolution toward a more online delivery of our program and a reduction in the use of the Iowa Communications Network.
  •     The elimination of the undergraduate minor.

This year's program review will be held March 25-26, 2013. Visitors will be Dr. Sherry Crow, coordinator of the School Library Program at University of Nebraska-Kearney and Dr.  Deborah Jesseman, School Library Program director, Minnesota State University-Mankato.

Research News-LEGO League

Dr. Karla Steege Krueger is engaged in a study of the school librarian role in the FIRST Lego League team project. The  FIRST LEGO League challenge affords an opportunity for teacher librarians to participate and guide students through the inquiry process in collaboration with team leaders. Dr. Krueger is working with a team from the Denver Community Schools to document the role of the school librarian in this program. She anticipates publication of her case study in the near future.

Graduate Student Perspective-Brandy Bingman

Brandy BingmanMeet our graduate assistant, Brandy Bingman. Brandy's bachelor's degree is in family and consumer sciences education.  She enjoyed working with junior and senior high school students, but the idea of working with students of all ages had always appealed to her. As a teacher librarian, Brandy will have the opportunity to impact students, kindergarten through twelfth grade, through reading, information exploration and technology.  "I look forward to continued learning through coursework as well as from my future students and colleagues!"


Alumna News

Linda Johnson (2012) authored an article published in Teacher Librarian in Dec. 2012. Entitled "Reading by Grade Three: How Well Do School Library Circulation Policies Support Early Reading?," the article is based on Linda's masters paper.

WWDSD, WWKKD or WWDDD... an Alum's Perspective

Kathy BottaroKathy Bottaro is currently serving as the instructional technology and library head teacher for the Sioux City Community School District. There are very few decisions that Kathy has to make in her role where she doesn't ask herself, "W.W.D.S.D." (What Would Dr. Safford Do) or "W.W.K.K.D." (What Would Karla Krueger Do), "W.W.D.D.D." (What Would Dr. Donham Do). "I rely heavily on what I call my "School Library Studies Playbook." Based on the teachings in the playbook I have initiated collaborative opportunities with local college librarians and writing instructors, updated libraries/resources, assisted in the implementation of our high school 1:1 laptop program, explored collaborative opportunities with the Sioux City Public Library, as well as serving on several state and local library committees."