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Master's research papers

Each graduate of the School Library Studies program completes a master's research paper or thesis.  Selected papers can be found in the UNI ScholarWorks collection of the Rod Library or through the links below.  All papers from SLS alumni can be accessed in the SLS office in Rod Library 125.

Frequently referenced paper:

Becky Johnson "Plans for Progress into the 21st Century: A Guide to Planning for School Library Media Programs"

Congratulations to our graduates!

August 2017

Megan Casey, "Defying the Odds:  A Research Based Reading Program Project Guide"

Katie Delaney, "Examining Student Selection Behaviors within Library Fiction Collections"

Sara Fischer, "Book Selection Approaches and the Middle School Students"

Stefanie Kaylor, "Dungeons and Dragons and Literacy: The Role of Tabletop Role-Playing Games Can Play in Developing Teenagers' Literacy Skills and Reading Interests"

Jennifer Kizer, "Teacher Librarians and Technology Leadership"

Elizabeth Pearson, "Collaboration Between School and Public Librarians"

Briana White, "Recreational Reading in Secondary Schools Through Book Clubs"


December 2016  

Mary Heeringa "The Use of Mentor Texts to Teach Writing in Kindergarten, First and Second Grades"

Jacqueline Seidl "A New Vision for a 6-12 Library Science Curriculum"

August 2016

Tricia Carty  “Supporting Reading Curriculum without Restricting Access to Library Materials: Resources for Teacher Librarians"

Heather Garrett "Parent Perceptions of Support from the School Library"

Lisa Gogel "Readers' Advisory for Non Proficient Readers"

Kathryn Hale "A Twist on Happily Ever After: Fractured Fairy Tales for Young Adults"

Abigail Hendrickson "E-Readers and Struggling Middle School Readers"

Lindsey Hilts "Content Analysis of Two Libraries Resources for Supporting Primary Economics Instruction"

Kerry LeWarne "Online Audiobook Reference Guide for Iowa Elementary School Librarians"

Tracie Marshall "Makerspaces and the Iowa Core: Connections in a High School Library"

May 2016

Joanna Freking-Smith  “Female Sexuality in Current Young Adult Literature"

Kimberly Peterson “A Picture Book Biography of Jessie Field Shambaugh"

Mindy Reimer The Need for a Teacher Librarian to Take a Leadership Role in the Implementation of Supplemental Reading Program Initiatives to Achieve Desired Student Outcomes"


December 2015

Emily Baltes  “The 21st Century School Teacher Librarian: Trends in the Iowa School Library Survey Data Over the Last Decade”

Tydra Corbin “The 1930s:  The Great Depression and Beyond--An Annotated Bibliography”

Emma Folland  “An Annotated Bibliography of Materials Recommended for Middle School Classrooms Regarding the Multiple Perspectives on the Causes of the American Civil War”

Nicole GuldagerA Selective Annotated List of Reading Promotion Events Recommended for Elementary Students

Andrea Hora “Genrifying the School Library's Fiction Collection”

Katherine Seibel "Annotated Bibliography of Thematically Related Historical Fiction Picture Books and Nonfiction Pairs"

Anne Sellers “Poverty's Effect on Students' 21st Century Skills Acquisition and Learning Experiences”

Amy Seufert  “The Public Library Experience: Choosing Books to Read from Predetermined Levels and Its Implications”

Denise Shekleton “Student Achievement in the Area of Inquiry Learning with the Implementation of 1:1 iPads”


August 2015

Kristen Downes "The Impact of School Library Circulation Policy Change: A Case Study"

Franny Frey "ELA Teacher Perceptions of the School Librarian's Role in Standards Implementation"

Nicole Ruthaivilavan "Teacher Librarians and Literacy Coaches:  Their Roles in Reading Support"


May 2015

Jenny Brenner "Depiction of ADHD in Children's Literature"

Jessica Elliott "Middle School Leisure Reading Selection:  Influences During Selection and Implications for School Library Programs"

Michelle Kruse "Best Practices for Adoption of an Inquiry Learning Model in K-5 Education"

Christine Newell "Poverty and Homelessness:  A Content Analysis of Children's Nonfiction Literature"


December 2014

Cynde Duncan "Why Don't They Read?"

Sarah Holub "The Usefulness of Graphic Novels as Information Sources for Nonfiction Reading"

Jennifer Keltner "The Collaborative Relationship between Teacher Librarians and Public Librarians"

Melissa Mulder "Technology's Role in Inquiry-Based Learning"

Jennifer Sloan "Using the Apprenticeship Model in a Library Setting"


Summer 2014

Julie Barnett "An Investigation of Adolescent Boys' Dispositions Toward Leisure Reading"

Katy Kauffman "The Perceptions of Teacher Librarians and Principals Regarding the Role of the Teacher Librarian in the Implementation of the Iowa Multi-Tiered System of Supports"

Greg Pickett "Resource to Support Teaching Local History in Baxter, Iowa"


Spring 2014

Brandy Bingman "Influencing Incoming Fourth Graders' Reading Habits Through a Summer Literature Circle:  A Case Study"

Tiffiany Evans "How Fifth Grade Elementary Students Select Books"


Fall 2013

Angela Brauns  "Getting Graphic: Exploring the Inferential Thinking Skills That Are Required to Comprehend Graphic Novels"

Lisa Collier "A Training Guide and Reference Handbook for Elementary School Library Secretaries in the Iowa City Community School District"

Julie Courter "Library Instruction Designed to Support Core Curriculum"

Shalyn Huerter "Iowa Core Technology Integration: A Resource for Kindergarten Through Second Grade Teachers"

Sarah Johnson "A Comparison of Print and E-Book Texts With 4th Grade Students to Evaluate Comprehension and Motivation"

Chelsey Kolpin "Making Historical Fiction Appealing to Young Adults Through Book Trailers"

Lisa Catherine Riese "Early Childhood Library Resources and Support"

Jessica Zimmerman "An Examination of the Criteria for the Iowa Children's Choice Award List"


Summer 2013

Susan Klett "Collaboration of the Teacher Librarian and the Classroom Teacher to Incorporate Literature and Information Literacy Skills into a Sixth Grade Social Studies Unit" 

Leann Seddon "101 Books for Youth that Feature Hunters & Hunting"  Project Website:

Spring 2013

Christine Berlin "Cold Shoulder: An Alaskan Adventure"

Katherine Block "Teacher Perceptions of Graphic Novels"

Jennifer Cole "Portrayal of Latinos in Young Adult Fiction"

Jennifer Dovre "College Freshmen Dispositional Readiness: Examining the Perceptions"

Susan Heilig "A Webquest for the Instruction of Appropriate Online Behavior"

Mary Junker "Misconceptions of the Teacher Librarian Role"

Virginia Knapp "Library Paraeducators Training: Assumptions of Facts?"

Kathryn Koller "Portrayal of Agriculture in Children's Literature: Contemporary Stories in Picture Books, Traditional Tales, and Nonfiction"

Katherine Mulfinger "Selective Annotated Bibliography of Materials Recommended for Junior High Classrooms Regarding Resistance During the Holocaust"

Kelly Reinhold "Young Adult Memoir Dealing with Alcohol, Abuse, Infidelity, Violence and Poverty"

Katie Rolling "Portrayal of Characters with Disabilities within K-6 Fictional Literature"

David Stanfield "Scheduled Library Visits and Reading Achievement"

Jannette Thrane "Student, Teacher and Parent Perceptions of the Role Accelerated Reader(tm) Plays in Elementary Students' Reading Motivation"


Fall 2012

Melissa Dagel  "The Influence of Digital Communication on Young Adult Contemporary Fiction"

Marci Titera "Teacher Librarian Evaluation in Small Districts in Four Iowa Counties"

Summer 2012

Kathy Bottaro "Early Algona: A Digital Story

Dawn Goodale "Multicultural Picture Books: Windows and Mirrors"

Heather Hope "A Story Book for Children with Celiac Disease"

Christine M. Tomlinson "What About the Girls? The Female Fantasy Protagonist in Contemporary Young Adult Literature"


Spring 2012

Jill Besler "Teens Read Book Trailers" 

Stephanie Callan "Parental Perspective on Technology Integration in PK-2 in a Rural Community School"

Tifini Foglesong "Professional Development for the Library Para Educator: Developing a Guide to Answer Questions About School Libraries in the 21st Century"

Linda Johnson "Access Versus Circulation for Kindergarten Students"

Miranda Kral "Concept-Based Picture Books for Mathematics"

Corinn K. Matheson "School Libraries: Developing a Valuable Resource for Gifted Learners"

Brandee Roelfs "Try to See Me As Me Understanding Autism in Children's Literature"

Michaela Seeman "Boy's Recreational Reading in a One-to-One Computer School"

Chelsea Sims "School Library Circulation Records--What Do They Reveal About Boy's Reading Preferences?"

Amanda Skellenger "Positive Portrayal of Family in Children's Books with Homosexual Characters"

Dyann Vilez "Library and Technology Combined Curriculum for Kindergarten/First Grade Common Core"


Fall 2011

Alicia J Patten "Accommodations for Students With Learning Disabilities Within the Library Setting"

Michael Welch "Is She Real or is She Wonder Woman? Finding the Authentic Woman in Graphic Novels and Comic Books"


Summer 2011

Brenda Husak ”A Kindergarten Through Fifth Grade Information Literacy, Library, and Technology Curriculum Delivered on a Fixed Schedule for Library and Computer Facility Access”

Casey Smelser “A Textural Analysis of the Portrayal of Female Athletes in Young Adult Literature”

Erin Stohlmeyer ”Hope and Despair in Young Adult Science Fiction”

Gwen L Van Dee “A Content Analysis of American Civil War Historical Fiction for Upper Elementary Grades”


Spring 2011

Amy Benedict “Accelerated Reader and Sustained Silent Readings Impact on Students’ Motivation to Read”

Paula Bolander “A Research Project Contributing to African American Literature Based in the 1950s Time Period in Midwestern Culture”

Suzanne D. Burris “Connecting Children’s Quilt Literature with the Iowa Core Curriculum Social Studies Standards”

Jenahlee Chamberlain “The Presence of Gender Stereotypes in Children’s Picture Book Illustrations”

April A. Crowder “Immigration as Portrayed in Literature for Youth”

Tricia Fleagle “Middle School Students: Reading Motivation for a School Summer Reading Program”

Carrie Foell “The Implementation of a Flexible Schedule in an Elementary Library Setting”

Dixie Forcht “Supervision in the School Library Program: Administrator Expectations of Paraprofessionals and Traveling Teacher Librarians”

Krystol R.Frekering "A History of the Pigtail Bridges of South Dakota"

Lisa Newgard “Life of Chaos, Life of Hope: Dystopian Literature for Young Adults”

Nicolette Smith “An Environmental A to Z Book: An Educational Resource for the 21st Century”

Paula Winward ”Are Students Ready for Post-Secondary Research?”

Alexis Woodward “Promoting a Desire to Read with Graphic Novels”


Fall 2010

Lisa Jansma “Hull Iowa: Yesterday and Today”

Jan M. Kinderknecht "Sheldon Community History Traveling Trunk Project"

Lori Petersen "Importance of Reader's Advisory Interview in Graphic Novel Promotion"

Ann E. Reynolds “Strategies for Efficient and Effective Collaborative Practice in the School Library”


Fall 2010 B.A. Education Degrees with SLS Minor

Micheala Seeman Honor's Thesis: "Purchasing Electronic Resources in the Iowa Elementary Public School Library"


Summer 2010

Keri Annis "The Unforgettable June 2008 Cedar River Flood"

Kari Bosma "Fifth Grade Student Learning and Interest in the American Revolution Through Reading Graphic Novels Compared to Reading Biographies or Other Non Fiction Books"

Lacey Fliger "Self-Censorship in Iowa Elementary Libraries"

Sandra Greufe "Hidden Alphabet on the Farm: Can You Find it?"

Jennifer Kehoe "Cloning in Young Adult Fiction"

Apra Loomis "Laughter and Tears: A Qualitative Content Analysis"

Nicole Willard "School Library Facilities, Meeting the Needs of Individuals with Disabilities"

Lingxin Ruth Yan “Parental Perceptions of a Midwest Public Library: An Exploratory Study of Chinese-Speaking Resident”


Spring 2010

Susan Christine Bunch "The Portrayal of Grandparents as Caregivers in Young Adult Fiction"

Donna Carlson "Designing a Library Program to Increase the Percent of Fourth Grade Reading Goals"

Lisa Heiden "A Need for Picture Books Showing Girls Playing Organized Team Sports"

Mary Beth Janssen "The Role of the Teacher Librarian Engaged in Collaboration with a Classroom Teacher During Implementation of a Pilot Iowa Core Curriculum Unit”

Cecilia La France "Katelyn's Story: Using Fiction to Combat High School Dropout"

Shannon Miller "Educating a School Community Implementing a One-to One Laptop Initiative"

Ann VanTreeck "English Language Learners and Their Relationship to the Middle School Library"

Cindy Wagner "Rigor, Relevance, and Authentic Learning: A Quest to Align Projects and Activities with the Dubuque Community School District Information Literacy Standards"

Michelle Walker "Research Process with Primary Students"


Fall 2009

Carolyn Marie Carr "The Portrayal of Teenage Sexuality in Young Adult Literature"

Bridget A. Donlon "A Portrayal of the Modern Dairy Farm in Children's Literature"

Stacey Galles "Only One Quarterback"

Katie Houselog "Remember Me Always, Love You Forever: A Mother's Memory Book"

Erin Becker McConnell "Princesses Persevere: Seeking Representations of Gender Equity in Modern Fairy Tales"

Teresa Pietsch "Forest City: The City on the Hill"


Summer 2009

Brenda Haskin "Childhood Grief: The Resiliency of Loss"

Teresa Ann Evans-Winfield "A Content Analysis of Holocaust Fiction for Young People"

Leann Matlage "The Iowa State Fair in Iowa's History"


Spring 2009

Rachel A. Burrow "The Portrayal of Asian Intercountry adoptees in Children's Literature"

Amy Chopard "The 4-1-1 on Adolescents' Attitudes Toward the 5-0 and the Portrayal of Law Enforcement Officials in Young Adult Fiction"

Amy Gardner " Children’s Picture Book Biography of the Historical American Woman"

Jamie Noack "The Portrayal of Volunteer Firefighters in Children's Literature"

Ambri Refer "The Portrayal of Attention Deficit Disorder in Children's and Young Adult Literature"

Kelly Schaufenbuel "Impact of the Iowa Reinstatement of the Professional Teacher Librarian Requirement on School Libraries"



Fall 2008

Allison Emery "School Library Orientation: Introducing Teachers to the Roles and Services of Teacher Librarians"

Joette Kofoot "Cooperation or Irritation: The Relationship between Teacher-Librarians and Public Librarians in the North Central Iowa Library Service Area"


Summer 2008

Mary Lynn Gerzema "No One Will Love You If You Are Fat"

Joni K. Hoing "The History of the Iowa Teen Award"

Linda Jo Kirkland "An Herbal ABC Book: A Contribution to information Available to Children and Adults Concerning Simple Herbs Commonly Used Medicinally in the United States"

Bonnie Jean Lawhorn "Mississippi River Towns"

Colleen Nelson "School Librarians are Teachers Too!"

Deanna L. Weber "The Portrayal of Bullying in Young Adult Fiction Novels"


Spring 2008

Randy Crawford “Determining if the use of Certification Goals in Accelerated Reader Impact Student Selection of Books”

Melody Gustas “Visual Perceptions: A Study of How Children Can Learn Through Pictures”

Donna Gwinnup “A Comparison of the Portrayal of Evil in Fairy Tales and Contemporary Fantasy Fiction”

Nancy Healy “Children Web Site: History of Elkader, Iowa for kids”

Bobbie Hugo, BA, Elementary School Library Minor

Christine Jacobs “Janesville CSD K-12 School Library: A Facility Design and Development Study”

Kristi Shreffler “Teenage Life in the Fat Lane”

Deanne Thiede “The Impact of the National Board Certification Process on the Instructional Practices of Teacher Librarian”


Summer 2007

Ann P. Kurt "Objectional Language in Young Adult Literature: A Mixed Method Analysis of Twenty-Five Novels"

Beth S. Steffa "M is for Marshalltown"

Spring 2007

Sheryl Haveman "Mom's the Word: The Portrayal of the Single Mother/Son relationship in Children's Literature"

Fall 2006

Diane L. Engbretson "Harry Potter: A Comparison of the Characters, Themes, Setting and Plot With the Arthurian Legend"

Theresa Forrett "The Value of Black and White in an Era of Color: A Textual Analysis of Black and White Illustrations in Picture Books"

Kerry Lust "SHHHHH!: The Negative Effect of Librarian Stereotypes on Junior High Students"

Patricia Miles " What is the Meaning of This?: A Case Study of a Small, Public School in Iowa and its Acceptable use Policy Interpretation"

Sara Stark" Where are the Girls in Young Adult Sports Fiction Books?"


Summer 2006

Deborah Berthelsen "An Investigation of the Elderly in Fiction for Young People"


Spring 2006

Misty Dawn Gray "The Availability of Young Adult Fiction Containing Overt Gay and Lesbian Characters in Secondary Schools in Northeast Iowa Area Education Agency"


Fall 2005

Virginia Lake "Milling on the Wapsie"

Cheryl Robson "Writing a Short Science Fiction Novel for Young Adults"

Heather Uhlemeyer " Writing a Historical Fiction Novel: The Marks of the Shaman: The Diary of Indian Captive Olive Oatman"

Heather Whitman "A Case Study: The Thoughts on Pleasure Reading for Children Diagnosed with ADHD Predominantly Hyperactive-Impulsive Type; ADHD, Predominantly Inattentive Type; or ADHD, Combined Type"


Fall 2004

Susan Boatwright "Measuring the Success of Class Works Computer Instruction"

Becky R. Schafer Andrews "What Happened to Dad: A Portrayal of Teenage Fathers in Young Adult Literature"

Marilyn K. Schmitz Ralls "Iowa's Covered Bridges"


Summer 2004

Sue Carroll "Music That Teaches"

Debra Morrow "The Long Term Results of Accelerated Reader on Self Motivated Reading"

Lavonne Staiert "Fourth Grade Students Express their Opinions about Reading"


Fall 2003

Becky Johnson "Developing State Guidelines for School Library Media Programs in Iowa: Plans for Progress Into the 21st. Century"

Becky Johnson "Plans for Progress into the 21st Century: a Guide to Planning for School Library Media Programs"


Fall 2002

Judy Diane Kingery "Characteristics and Concepts of Muslims As Portrayed in Children's Fictional Literature"


Fall 2000

Jennifer Gassman "A Textual Analysis of the Role of Women in Historical Fiction for Young People"


Summer 1999

Mary Lou Weber "A Qualitative Analysis of the Dakota Histories of the Nineteenth Century Written For Middle School Students"


For a more complete list of research papers, contact Dr. Karla Krueger or Alisa Weeks.