Minor: Educational Technology

Students working on a bachelor’s degree in education should seriously consider this minor. School districts seek tech savvy 21st century educators who are capable of designing technology-rich learning environments, and comfortable with adopting emerging technologies to facilitate students' learning. This coursework provides a strong pedagogical focus along with hands-on opportunities to explore current and emerging technologies to prepare teachers to be leaders for technology in the classroom.

A total of 17-18 credit hours are required for this minor, but most education majors are already required to take INSTTECH 1020 or INSTTECH 1031. This means that this minor will only require another 5 courses.

For more information contact Dr. Leigh Zeitz319-273-3249, or Magda Galloway, 319-273-3076


Getting started

How can you declare a minor in Educational Technology? It’s easy! No signatures are required, except your own. Just download the “Declaration of Curriculum” form (link below) and take it to the Registrar’s office. They will take it from there! 

While you do not need an advisor’s signature if you are only using the form to declare a minor, it is still recommended that you discuss your plans with your advisor. 

Declare the Ed Tech minor


Educational Technology and Design INSTTECH 1031* 3 credits Fall, Spring, Summer-online
Secondary Educational Technology and Design INSTTECH 1020* 2 credits Fall, Spring
Creating Tech-Enhanced Learning Environments INSTTECH 1030 3 credits Spring
Exploring Issues and Trends in Instructional Technology INSTTECH 4131 3 credits Summer-online
Planning and Producing Instructional Media** INSTTECH 4139 3 credits Spring-online
Understanding Visual Literacy INSTTECH 4138 3 credits Fall
Developing and Directing Online Learning ** INSTTECH 4210 3 credits Summer-online

Possible Electives

Using Digital and Social Media in Education INSTTECH 4153 3 credits Fall
Instructional Technology Projects INSTTECH 4160 1-3 credits Arranged
Programming Environments for Elementary Education CS 1150 3 credits Fall, Spring
Programming Environments for Secondary Education  CS 1140 3 credits Fall

Total 17-18 credits required

*INSTTECH 1020 or INSTTECH 1031 is a prerequisite course.  One of these is to be completed before other courses are taken.

**Course can be replaced by other courses in specific subject areas (i.e., Assistive Technologies for Special Ed) with student request and instructor permission.  See below for details

Personalize your minor to your needs

There are other technology related courses offered in the College of Education as well as other colleges on campus, for example:
Assistive Technologies SPED 4153 3 credits  
Augmentative Communication CSD 4100 2 credits  
Tech for Elementary School Math Teachers MATH 1210 3 credits  
Tech in Foreign Language Education LANG 4093 3 credits  


Find additional courses that might be substituted.

Students may elect to include these courses with approval of the minor program's advisor.

For current course offerings visit the schedule of classes.