Middle Level Education: Undergraduate Dual Major

UNI's Undergraduate Middle Level Education program prepares teachers who are able to design instruction for young adolescents in grades 5-8, enjoy an ever-changing group of students and school setting, and provide leadership in best programs and practices. A division of the Department of Curriculum & Instruction, the Middle Level Education program increases job prospects for graduates who learn to teach, work with, and understand the characteristics of young adolescents. Since 1938, UNI has provided Iowa with over 1,700 teachers specifically educated to teach young adolescents.


Iowa Middle School Endorsement Courses

The Department of Curriculum and Instruction's Middle Level Education Division offers an Iowa Middle School Endorsement-only option. Collaboration between the departments of curriculum and instruction and educational psychology, foundations and leadership studies allows UNI to offer a Middle School Endorsement. The endorsement allows teachers to become more marketable by adding additional 5-8 teaching credentials for a minimum two core subject areas. 

Choose Subject Areas

Middle Level Dual Education Majors prepare for content specialization in at least two subject areas, chosen from mathematics, science, social studies, or language arts. Additionally, the ML Dual Education Majors earn a teaching license at the elementary, secondary, or K-12 level. Students develop electronic portfolios to document their knowledge of subject matter and teaching abilities.

Undergraduate Dual-Major Program Requirements


Practical Experiences


Job Foundation

Other Local Middle Schools


Out-of-Class Opportunities

The Student Association of Middle Level Educators (SAMLE) provides a forum for UNI students interested in teaching young adolescents. At the bi-monthly meetings, UNI students interact with their peers as well as professional educators from the metropolitan and surrounding area. SAMLE members have helped with an annual literacy conference and the Special Olympics.

SAMLE plans and implements the annual leadership conference for 8th grade students, entitled E Pluribus Unum: Out of Many, One. The Northeast Iowa Community Foundation has provided a grant in support of the conference. Energizer Carl Olson serves as keynote speaker and is in charge of one of the breakout sessions.


Excellence in Faculty

Faculty in the program have published articles in nationally leading journals; earned awards for their teaching, service, and research; and served in leadership positions in national, state, and local professional organizations. The faculty members are well-prepared to support students to excel in middle level education.