Graduate Scholarships and Assistantships

The Department of Curriculum & Instruction invites graduate students to apply for the following scholarships and assistantships.

1. General UNI Foundation Scholarships - Deadline January 15       

While most scholarships related to this general scholarship application are for undergraduates, there are a few scholarships open to graduate students, so consider filling this out.  

2. COE Graduate Scholarships - Deadline April 1

See the COE scholarship page and scroll down to the section on Graduate Scholarships. Read carefully. Various scholarships give preference to students in a certain major as listed and may require a different application. The scholarships which are part of the Curriculum and Instruction (C&I) department have a deadline of April 1.  

3. Dean's Graduate Fellowships - Deadline June 11

In April, Dean Colleen Mulholland announced that several Dean's Graduate Fellowships ($1500) will be available for the 2021-2022 school year.  Students who will be part of the Elementary Education MAE, Literacy Education MAE or School Library Studies MA programs in 2021-2022 should follow these guidelines:

  • Application deadline is  June 11, 2021. (This is earlier than the deadline on the application.)
  • Follow these application directions
  • For the transcript requirement: New students should submit an unofficial transcript of their most recent degree.  Current UNI master's students should submit a copy of their Academic Requirements obtained from MYUNIVERSE/Student Center.
  • The application should be emailed as one pdf document to

3. Graduate Assistantships and Graduate Tuition Scholarships

Master’s - for preferential consideration, apply by April 1

Doctoral - for preferential consideration, apply by April 1

On-campus students working toward a graduate degree as full-time students (with 9 graduate credit hours or more per semester) may apply for a Graduate Tuition Scholarship and Graduate Assistantship within the Department of Curriculum and Instruction. A Graduate Assistant works 10-20 hours per week on campus and is paid a salary.  For general information about Graduate Assistantships and the Graduate Tuition Scholarships, visit the Graduate College.   

Application for Graduate Assistantship
Application for Graduate Tuition Scholarship 

C&I students who are applying for a C&I Graduate Assistantship or Graduate Tuition Scholarship should send their applications to  

Graduate Assistantship Salary Rates - 2021-2022

Master's:  Full (per semester) $5,395.00           Half (per semester) $2,697.50

Doctoral:  Full (per semester) $8,086.00            Half (per semester) $4043.00

Graduate Tuition Scholarship Rates - 2021-2022 

Masters: Full (per semester) $4,579.50         Half (per semester) $2,289.75

Job Descriptions - C&I Graduate Assistantships

Master’s students apply to the Department of Curriculum & Instruction, not to a specific position.  If you are offered a graduate assistantship, the department will assign you to a position depending on the department's needs. Below is a list of positions that are typically filled by master’s students within the C&I department.  The only position currently available for Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 is the Doctoral Graduate Assistantship in Instructional Technology below. 

Graduate Assistantship - Literacy Education

Graduate Assistantship - Instructional Technology

Graduate Assistantship - School Library Studies  

Doctoral students may also apply for graduate assistantships within the Department of Curriculum & Instruction:

Doctoral Graduate Assistant - Curriculum and Instruction

Doctoral Graduate Assistantship -- Instructional Technology - Fall 2021 and Spring 2022


Applications for the positions within the Department of Curriculum and Instruction should be sent to


4. Financial Aid

Contact the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships to discuss additional options.  For general information about paying for graduate school, visit the financing graduate school page.