Your IT Masters degree portfolio is more than a requirement.  It is an opportunity for you to take your audience on the journey you have navigated over the past couple of years at UNI and it needs to be presented in that fashion. As a digital storyteller, begin by building the foundation for what prompted you to begin the program and then describe the projects and challenges you experienced. Finally, bring your voyage to a close by explaining what you have learned, how you have changed, and what you plan to do from here.

An effective IT portfolio does not contain “seas of text.” It should be a multimedia experience which includes video introductions and narratives, audio tracks containing relevant podcasts and interviews, and images/photos that provide a lively portrayal of a student’s many artifacts.

You need to personalize this portfolio to fit your present and future needs.  You might use either the IT Masters Program Story format or the Professional Accomplishments format.

  • IT Masters Program Story format is where you tell the story of your last two years of your life.  This is a package that is designed to depict your experiences both inside and outside of your courses.

  • Professional Accomplishments Story format involves creating a professional portfolio that you might use in job interviews to show what you have done and what you can do.  This format is more artifact oriented.  It still needs to identify the alignment of the artifacts to the standards and your class but it is designed to grow with you as you progress through your professional career.