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Your Instructional Technology Masters Portfolio will be evaluated based upon 6 aspects. Each of these aspects has been allotted a specific percentage of the evaluation:

Personal Introduction Page

  • Evaluates both the appearance and the quality of the page. This is your opening screen so first impressions in layout and content are important.

Standards Matrix

  • Each artifact title will be included in the ISTE standards matrix to provide a simple overview of which standards it addresses.

Standards Reflections Pages

  • You will be expected to consider how each standard was addressed in your program and which artifacts are related. A separate page will be created for each standard reflection.

Comprehensive Reflection Page

  • This reflection will involve your experience in the whole IT program. It will include a narrative on areas of growth and professional goals. References to professional literature and personal artifacts will be used throughout this reflection.


  • The whole portfolio will be assessed for usability. It will involve visual layout, use of multimedia, ease of navigation, and technical quality.  Your portfolio will not be passed if it contains any spelling, grammar, navigation or multimedia mistakes.

Overall Quality

  • A small part of the assessment is included to allow evaluators the latitude to reward exceptional work that exceeds the expectations included in the rest of the rubric.