Artifacts are evidence that you have addressed specific standards.  Your portfolio will use the final projects from your courses and any additional personal artifacts that you have created during your 2 years in the UNI Instructional Technology master's program. These personal projects might include workshops, curriculum, learning strategies, lessons or other accomplishments that you have created based upon what you have learned in the program. 

Artifact list

You are expected to include the final project for each of these courses:

INSTTECH 5110 Developing & Directing Online Learning

INSTTECH 5131 Exploring Issues and Trends in Instructional Tech

INSTTECH 5139 Planning & Producing Instructional Media

INSTTECH 5153 Using Digital & Social Media in Education

INSTTECH 6205 Enhancing Learning Through Action Research

INSTTECH 6232 Selecting & Integrating Instructional Tech

INSTTECH 6237 Leading Change Through Instructional Technology

INSTTECH 6240 Understanding Instructional Design

INSTTECH 6250 Writing a Graduate Paper/Portfolio

Personal Artifacts

While they are not required, feel free to include some of the instructional tech that you have developed during your master's program.  There is nothing that will tell more about what you have learned than examples of how you have applied it.