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Portfolios will include: 

Personal Introduction

A personal statement. This is your opportunity to introduce yourself to your audience. It is autobiographical.  You can reveal your background relative to your graduate-level learning competencies. This introduction provides your audience with a foundation for the journey you will conduct throughout your portfolio. Imagine including a short video(s) of you introducing yourself and your portfolio. Your introduction should use subheadings (or other organizational tool) to separate your work into visually digestible parts.


Professional Resume/Curriculum Vita

If you are going to use this portfolio to share your professional achievements, it is best to package them up in a professional resume or vita. This will not be considered an artifact so it will not be included in the artifact matrix.  It should, however, be accessible in the navigation bar for your website.  This might be linked from the personal introduction page.


Personal Social Media (Digital Footprint)

If you desire to add to your personal learning network, you are encouraged to include links to your professional social media accounts (LinkedIn, twitter, etc.) on your personal introduction page as well.


Artifacts Matrix

Matrices will show alignment of artifacts with the ISTE Standards. All portfolios will be aligned with the ISTE Standards for Teachers.  You may extend the matrix (or create additional matrices) to include selections from the ISTE Standards for Coaches or ISTE Standards for Administration ( Teachers/Coaches)

Your artifacts need to be aligned with the standards that are most pertinent to your professional life.  This program has been developed basing instruction on the ISTE Teachers Standards.  Some of you, however, are technology coaches so the ISTE Coaches Standards would be more relevant to you.  This means that the matrix should include the standards that relate to your professional interests.

Your matrix will be created aligning to all 20 ISTE Teachers Standards (and benchmarks) or/and whatever other standards you want to include from the Coaches or Administration. This matrix will list the artifacts down the left column and then list the standards (and components) across the screen.

Here is an example of an artifact matrix using ISTE Standards for Teachers: