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Articulation: Middle Level Education

A significant part of UNI's identity and reputation across Iowa and the nation is linked to Teacher Education. Approximately ten percent of UNI's undergraduate students major in Elementary Education with about 240 of those students combining the Elementary Major with Middle Level Education. Teacher education is a shared institutional commitment, and elements of the major in Middle Level/Elementary Education draw upon a broad range of resources and academic programs throughout the University. This webapge maps the Middle Level/Elementary Education dual major, identifying the program sequence and its many links to key resources within the College of Education and the University. Specifically this site is designed to:

  1. Map the Middle Level/Elementary Education major from admission to the University through graduation linking program goals and activities to the Eleven Teaching Principles for Teacher Candidates (INTASC Standards).
  2. Identify "Critical Performances" within the program which serve as markers of our students' developing professional practice;
  3. Provide a framework for using the Eleven Teaching Principles for Teacher Candidates to assess "Critical Performances" in the program.
  4. Provide a tool for assessment of student learning as reflected in Critical Program Performances and the Eleven Teaching Principles for Teacher Candidates.
The diagram below illustrates a cyclical process which "closes the loop" on program planning and assessment. It can be found in the document Evaluating the Student Outcomes Assessment Plan: Some Criteria and Questions for Discussion, developed by the UNI Office of Academic Assessment.