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30th Anniversary of Alpha Upsilon Alpha

Since its inception in 1985 and the development of chapters in the organization in 1986, Alpha Upsilon Alpha has represented all that is best in Literacy Education, Scholarship, and Service.  Our chapter is the first chapter to be recognized by the International Reading Association (now the International Literacy Association) as the Alpha Chapter of the Alpha Upsilon Alpha Honor Society.  Dr. Ned Ratekin, Professor of Literacy Education in the Department of Curriculum & Instruction, organized the chapter in 1986.  Over the last 30 years, this Alpha Chapter of AYA has seen hundreds of undergraduate students, graduate students, and literacy education professionals participate in the honor of becoming and AYA member.  These members have continued the legacy of AYA as they pursued their professional careers engaging in research in the field of literacy as well as providing accessible and effective literacy instruction for all learners.