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COE Thought Leaders 2012-2013

This is a space and place in which the College of Education's departments, programs, divisions, and centers will be given a platform to state their thoughts about critical issues that will affect our ability to educate, serve, and lead.  Please read September's piece shared by Dr. Dwight C. Watson, and look forward to reading what  colleagues have to say about their areas of expertise.  The following voices will be heard this year:


September - Dean's Office

The next teacher:  Better than the last, by Dwight C. Watson, dean, College of Education, University of Northern Iowa


October - Educational Opportunity Programs and Special Community Services (EOP/SCS) - UNI-CUE

The UNI-CUE Tutoring Center Experience, by Nancy Scoggins Rose, Assistant Director, UNI Center for Urban Education


November - Educational Psychology and Foundations

The Coming U.S. News & World Report Rankings of Undergraduate Teacher Education by Dr. Robert Boody , Department Head, Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations


December - Health, Physical Education, and Leisure Studies


January - Department of Teaching

Quality Leadership is About Integrity, Involvement & Inspiration by Dr. Lyn Countryman, Department of Teaching 


February - Educational Leadership and Postsecondary Education

As Education Changes, Education Seems to Remain the Same - But Does It ? by Dr. Charles McNulty, Educational Leadership and Postsecondary Education 


March - Special Education

Special is a Nice Word, But What it Really Means is Segregated by Dr. Deborah Gallagher, Department of Special Education


April - Division in Health Physical Education and Leisure Services

Food For Thought: Knowing Your Relationship To Food by Dr. Diane Depken and Dr. Kathy Scholl, Division of Health Physical Education and Leisure Services


May - Curriculum and Instruction


June - Teacher Education


July - Center in Health Physical Education and Leisure Services


August - Child Development Center