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COE Thought Leaders 2011-2012

This is a space and place in which the College of Education's departments, programs, divisions, and centers will be given a platform to state their thoughts about critical issues that will affect our ability to educate, serve, and lead. As dean, I am pleased to share the first opinion piece about my views and commitment to providing a culturally diverse work and learning environment. Please read the inaugural entry and look forward to reading what your colleagues have to say about their areas of expertise.  The following voices will be heard this year:


September - Dean's Office
Culturally Responsive Leadership by Dr. Dwight C. Watson


October - Curriculum and Instruction
"I Didn't Know Much About Diversity..." by Dr. Rebecca Edmiaston and Dr. Penny Beed


November - Educational Psychology and Foundations
The School Psychologist's Role in Promoting Social-Emotional Learning by Dr. Nicole Skaar, Dr. Stephanie Schmitz, and Dr. Kerri Clopton


December - Health, Physical Education, and Leisure Studies

The "Blue Zone" Concept by Dr. Mick G. Mack


January - Department of Teaching

College‐ and Career‐Ready - What about the rest of the child? by Dr. Nadene Davidson


February - Educational Leadership and Postsecondary Education

Preparing Iowa Leaders for Tomorrow by Dr. Dewitt Jones


March - Special Education

Universal Design for Learning – Addressing Equity, Opportunity and Challenge for All Students by Dr. Christina M. Curran, Dr. Susan A. Brennan, Aricia Beckman, and Dr. Frank Kohler


April - Regents' Early Childhood  Center

Regents’ Center for Early Developmental Education by Dr. William Callahan


May - Dean's Office

Sorting out the policy in effective teaching by Dr. Dwight C. Watson


June - Educational Opportunity Programs and Special Community Services (EOP/SCS) - UNI-CUE

UNI's Educational Opportunity Center Helps Students Get Out of Default by Robert Smith , Jr.


July - Camp Adventure - HPELS

Experience Based Learning and Teacher Preparation: Camp Adventure Child and Youth Services ~ A Model Service Learning Program by Dr. Christopher R. Edginton and Dr. Dwight C. Watson


August - Center for Disability Studies in Literacy, Language and Learning

Enhancing the Education of university Students by Amy Staples, Evette Edmister, and Jennifer King