COE Teacher Education FAQs

Q: How and where can I obtain information on a teaching license and endorsements for what I can teach?

A: Consult the Office of the Registrar web site page on licensure and look at the "Common Questions About Teacher Licensure at UNI." You can also go to the Iowa Board of Educational Examiners website to find information about individual endorsement requirements under "Endorsement information" and then Requirements for "Teaching Endorsements".

Q: Where can I find information about Blood Borne Pathogen certificate, and other requirements and deadlines for my major?

A: The Teacher Education website is a resource that can assist in answering many of your questions regarding UNI Teacher Education program. 

Q: How can I talk to an advisor about a major in Elementary, Early Childhood or Middle Level Education?

A: Professional Advisors are located in 151 Schindler Education Center on university campus and can be reached at (319) 273-2751. Also, they can answer questions about teaching endorsements typically coupled with Elementary, Early Childhood and Middle Level programs of study.

Q: I am interested in a teaching major in secondary education. Who do I contact?

A: Contact the department of the specific content area. Ask to speak to an advisor or department head. For example, if you are considering English teaching, contact the Department of Languages and Literatures. If you are considering a science teaching major, contact the chair of science education. For more information please see the Majors and Minors in Teaching page on the Teacher Education website.

Q: How can I declare a major in the COE?

A: Students wishing to declare Elementary, Early Childhood or Middle Level Education should contact Advisors in 189 Schindler Education Center. Students wishing to declare a major in secondary teaching should contact the department of the specific content area.

Q: Whom do I contact to arrange a student teaching experience?

A: The Department of Teaching provides all the necessary information in regard to the Student Field Experiences for students, faculty and supervisors, and cooperating teachers.

Q: Whom do I contact about the out-of-state/international student teaching?

A: You can learn more about the out-of-state/international student teaching programs by contacting the UNI International & Out-of-State Office at (319) 273-6804 or by visiting their web site.

Q: I'm a high school student interested in an education major at UNI. Whom do I talk to? 

A: UNI Admissions Office web site is your first destination in this case. The Office is located on university campus at 120 Gilchrist (GIL) or can be reached at (319) 273-2281.

Q: Whom do I talk about a master's degree program within the COE?

A: The university online Catalog and Graduate College web site are good resources to learn from about deadlines, requirements and available graduate programs. You can also ask your question online or call (319) 273-2748.

Q: How do I file a grievance either within COE or UNI?

A: Find detailed information on grievance procedures at the University of Northern Iowa Policies & Procedures web site.