COE Faculty Recognition of Excellence

College of Education Faculty Awards
Recognition of Excellence

In May 1986, the College of Education Senate established a Faculty Awards Program. The program was implemented to recognize excellence in Teaching, Scholarship/Research and Professional Service. In 2008-09 a new award was established: The Dean’s Diversity and Equity Award. Nominations for 2018-19 are due Friday, February 1st. All materials must be turned in to the Dean's Office (SEC 150) by noon.

Previous COE Faculty Award Winners.

Call for Nominations 2018-201



Do you know a College of Education faculty member who has contributed significantly to the quality of teaching, the advancement of knowledge, has an outstanding record of effective service, or has advanced diversity initiatives while at UNI?

If this faculty member has completed at least three years of full time service, consider nominating him or her for a faculty award! These awards are a great way for fellow faculty, administrators, and students to recognize contributions made by COE faculty members.

First, inform the faculty member that you would like to nominate him or her (ideally several weeks before the deadline for materials to be turned in), and complete the nomination form at the bottom of the page. The nominee will then gather supporting materials and turn them in, along with the completed nomination form, by the deadline.



Nominations are being sought for the following four awards for College of Education faculty members:

A. Teaching

Candidates for this award should show significant accomplishments in university teaching and will be evaluated on the basis of:

  • Having a flexible instructional style

  • Taking into considerable account student needs and interests

  • Keeping up with teaching methods and subject  matter developments

  • Demonstrating mastery of several instructional techniques; preparing new classroom materials

  • Being generous with personal time, concerned with academic excellence, and individual student development

  • Receiving unusually high student assessments

B. Scholarship/Research

Candidates for the scholarship award should show substantial contributions to their field through their scholarly work and will be evaluated on the basis of:

  • Exceptionally outstanding work/productivity in the areas of new knowledge and creative accomplishments

  • Demonstration of impact on faculty member’ academic field, for example through citations of scholarly work or recognition of accomplishments in scholarship by professional organizations

  • Development of research procedures/methods that are held as models of scholarly investigations

  • Original ways of conducting research or analyzing data

C. Professional Service

Candidates for this award should show effective participation and accomplishments in professional, university, or community service related to their profession, beyond that required as part of their job. They will be evaluated on the basis of:

  • Holding committee office(s) and/or membership(s) in professional organizations of local/state, regional, national, or international scope

  • Providing professional development activities

  • Professional consultations

  • Demonstration of impact of service efforts on university campus/local community or beyond

D. Dean’s Diversity and Equity Award

Candidates for this award will be evaluated on the basis of:

  • Creating awareness about diversity through informative lessons, engaging assignments, and action-oriented activities; developing instructional materials that promote understanding and appreciation of values, customs, and ways of individuals from diverse backgrounds

  • Empowering students/faculty/staff with knowledge and skills to enable them to relate more effectively with people from diverse backgrounds

  • Conducting and presenting research about different aspects of diversity

  • Mentoring students from diverse backgrounds

  • Providing professional development to faculty and staff about diversity

  • Serving on campus organizations and committees that promote diversity


Contact: Chair - Suzanne Freedman (

Nomination Form (word doc)


2018-19 Committee Members

Chair:  Dr. Suzanne Freedman, Educational Psychology & Foundations

Dr. Betty Zan, Curriculum & Instruction

Dr. Denise Schares, Educational Leadership & Post Secondary Education

Mr. Paul Waack, Kinesiology

Dr. Thomas Davis, Health, Recreation and Community Services

Dr. Christopher Kliewer, Special Education

Ms. Alison Barness, Teaching

Dr. Elana Joram – Faculty Scholarship Facilitator, Liaison to the Dean 

Dean Gaetane Jean-Marie, Ex-officio member