10/16/09 Workshop Handouts

Engaging the Online Learner…[& Instructor]

Word CloudA half-day workshop was held on Friday, October 16th for faculty considering moving a course online or for a transition to an ICN/online hybrid delivery methodology. The session designed by Ana Donaldson and Lois Lindell was well attended and the feedback has been positive. Several folks contacted the presenters and requested access to the workshop materials. The links provided below include the workshop PowerPoint with active links to resources, the flyer explaining the workshop's focus, a link to a wiki space created to support the workshop, and four video recordings of the event that was created using the Accordant system. Please contact Ana Donaldson (ana.donaldson@uni.edu) or Lois Lindell (lois.lindell@uni.edu) if you have any questions.

A university-wide brown bag lunch presentation entitled "Effectively Moving Courses Online: Get on the Bus or be Left in the Dustwill" be given by Ana Donaldson on November 11, 2009.