Media Minor

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Students working on a bachelor's degree at UNI should consider this minor. Our society is becoming more technology infused. This coursework will prepare citizens of the 21st century to be effective users of technology and designers of technology-supported projects. A total of 18 credit hours are required for this minor.

Required Courses (6 hours required)
240:138g 3 credits Visual Literacy
240:139g 3 credits Media Planning and Production
Elective Courses (12 hours required)
240:147g 3 credits Digital Imaging
240:150g 3 credits Digital Instructional Television Production
240:153g 3 credits Emerging Instructional Technologies
240:160 1—4 credits Media Projects
240:170g 3 credits Principles of Publication Design
There are other technology related courses offered in the College of Education, as well as other Colleges on campus. Students may elect to include these courses with approval of the program's advisor.