M.A. Performance & Training Technology

Master of Arts Degree - Performance and Training Technology

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This major is designed for persons planning to work in non-school settings. Majors in this area will complete a basic core of course work applicable to all preparing our graduates for a variety of professional opportunities in business and higher education, including: instructional designer, trainer, media support specialist, web designer, or community college instructor. Specific areas of interest will determine the supporting electives. Licensure as a teacher is not required for admission to the program. The bachelor's degree may be in any field.

The program is available in either the thesis or non-thesis option and requires a minimum of 35 semester hours. All students completing the thesis option are required to pass an oral examination prepared and administered by the thesis committee. The examination will be comprehensive in nature and will normally accompany the thesis defense. Students completing the non-thesis option are required to, at the end of their program of study, submit a comprehensive portfolio that is representative of their work.

Curriculum Core (19-23 hours)
240:139 3 credits Media Planning and Production
240:235 3 credits Performance Management and Technology
240:240 3 credits Instructional Development
240:245 3 credits Applied Instructional Design
240:289 2 credits Seminar
240:299 2 or 6 credits Research
250:205 3 credits Educational Research
Electives (12-16 hours)
240:138g 3 credits Visual Literacy
240:147g 3 credits Digital Imaging
240:150g 3 credits Digital Instructional Television Production
240:153g 3 credits Emerging Instructional Technologies
240:170g 3 credits Principles of Publication Design
240:205 3 credits Instructional Computing Design
240:210 3 credits Distance Education
240:260 1—4 credits Advanced Media Projects
240:285 1—3 credits Readings in Media
240:286 1—3 credits Studies in Media
240:297 1—3 credits Practicum
Other electives as approved by your advisor
Total 35 Credits Required