Literacy Education Professional Development School (LEPrDS)

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A Professional Development Partnership:
Waterloo’s Reading First Schools and UNI’s Literacy Education Division

UNI’s Literacy Education division and Waterloo’s Lincoln Elementary School, along with other Reading First schools in Waterloo, have established a Literacy Education Professional Development School (LEPrDS) partnership. Dr. Rick Traw serves as the principal liaison between Lincoln and UNI, though other Literacy Education faculty members are involved as well.

The major work of the PDS is to embed a cohort of UNI Elementary Education majors with Literacy Education minors into the life and work of Lincoln Elementary. The cohort and their professors conduct classes on-site at Lincoln and integrate the coursework with field experiences at the school that are both intensive and extensive. The year-long program involves students in one-on-one tutoring, serving as assistants in classrooms, and teaching small-group and whole-group lessons. It also includes out-of-classroom experiences such as attendance at inservice workshops, faculty meetings, parent-teacher conferences, and Family Literacy night.

As of this writing (Sept., 2009), the first cohort of UNI students to participate in LEPrDS has begun its second semester at Lincoln. A second cohort is being recruited, with coursework scheduled to begin in the Spring 2010 semester.

Lincoln Elementary School

Goals of the LEPrDS Project:

UNI Undergraduate students:

Professional development collaborations with Reading First teachers and UNI faculty:


The professional development school partnership is being designed with two sets of standards in mind:

Application for Admission to the LEPrDS Cohort

UNI students wishing to apply for membership in future LEPrDS cohorts can begin the process by downloading the following three documents and following the directions on the Application Instructions:

For more information, please contact Dr. Rick Traw at (319)273-2240 or