Doctoral Study

Doc StudentsThe College of Education offers a Doctor of Education degree (Ed.D.) with an intensive study area in Curriculum & Instruction. The C&I Doctoral Intensive Study Area exists to provide preparation for education professionals interested in the design, implementation, and assessment of curriculum for educational settings or in the professional development of teachers in PK-12 settings. As part of their experience in this program, students will develop and demonstrate the ability to carry out their professional practice with thoughtful reflection and to conduct rigorous and significant educational research.

Ed.D Curriculum & Instruction: Degree Requirements

Spring 2010 Schedule of Doctoral Courses

Criteria for Admission to C&I Intensive Study Area

Applicants must meet all of the College of Education admission requirements. In addition to UNI requirements, the C&I Intensive Study Area have established the following admission requirements:

Curriculum and Instruction Enrollment Management Policy

All applicants will be reviewed for program admission during the fall and spring semester. To be considered for admission in the upcoming academic year, applicants must have a completed application file submitted to the department by October 1 for the fall review of applicants and by February 1 for the spring review of applicants. The ability of the ISA to provide appropriate resources for student programming will be one factor in determining the number of students admitted into the program.