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UNI’s Department of Curriculum and Instruction prepares teachers who possess the professional skills necessary to thrive in the classroom and inspire their students to learn. Graduates of the program create their own lessons based on professional standards and work with faculty who carry a vision for the future of education. Feedback from program graduates, as well as those who hire them, indicates UNI teaching majors are world-class educators.

Careers in teaching

A teaching degree from the University of Northern Iowa is as close to a guarantee of a teaching job as you can get. Here’s why:

Excellence in classroom involvement

Students in C&I teacher education programs learn through active involvement in their education classes. These hands-on experiences allow them to gain confidence as teachers while applying best teaching practices. As 21st century future teachers, C&I students are immersed in actual classrooms beginning with their first professional education course and continuing through student teaching. Classroom field experiences take place in partner schools where UNI students participate in hands-on teaching experiences, apply new teaching techniques, and finally, implement their own knowledge and skills during their student teaching semester.

“The first grade student I tutored at a local school drew a picture of us reading a book together and wrote, ‘Thanks for being such a good reading buddy.’ That picture hangs above my desk to remind me of why I want to be a teacher.” —C&I student

Excellence in faculty

students and adminThe nationally and internationally known C&I faculty members demonstrate their expertise in their teaching, research, and service. Many have served as officers and leaders in national professional organizations. Others have written articles published in highly respected journals and/or received state, national and international awards. Because of the faculty, the C&I Department is a number one place to go for preK-8 education.

Excellence in opportunities

Classes are only one part of a college education. Students in Curriculum & Instruction, majors or minors, are encouraged to become involved in the many student organizations that provide leadership opportunities and more chances for hands-on teaching. These include: