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Lincoln School Visit

30 points

We have the opportunity to visit Lincoln Elementary School and see how they are using technology to support learning. We will see it in many different areas.

You are to do more than just look at it. You must analyze it so that you will be able to apply it to your own teaching situations in the future.


Identify three applications that you see at Lincoln Elementary School. For each of the applications:

  1. Identify the technology application.
  2. Describe how it is being used to support learning
  3. Evaluate the use of the technology based on this article
  4. Explain what you would do to move this application up one stage of adoptation. This means that you have to identify a way that you would make the application more student centered. If you feel that it would be inappropriate to make this activity more student centered, explain why.
  5. Describe how you would use this technology application (or something similar) in your future class.

Finally, write a description of your impression of the Lincoln Elementary School and how it was different than the elementary school you attended. Consider how your learning experience would have been different if you attended Lincoln Elementary (What would be better and what would be worse.)

Submit this assignment to the Lincoln Elementary School Dropbox.

**Spelling and/or grammar errors in your project (over 2) will cost 1 point apiece.