Recycling and Reuse Technology Transfer Center

The Recycling and Reuse Technology Transfer Center (RRTTC) is an interdisciplinary research, education and outreach center serving Regent university researchers and students, Iowa citizens, business and industry.

We are a Regent-funded center within the College of Humanities, Arts and Sciences, located at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls, Iowa.

The RRTTC provides students opportunities to enhance their classroom experience through research and participation in environmental outreach activities.

The RRTTC has provided in-depth research opportunities student interns from a wide range of majors. These students work first-hand with community and industry representatives on solving relevant problems and addressing current issues. 

The RRTTC's goals include the development of economical approaches to solving intractable solid waste problems and providing research and technical assistance on public health concerns as they relate to solid waste concerns.

The RRTTC awards grants to researchers to conduct basic and applied research that addresses a particular question or issue concerning Iowa business and industry. Projects receive one-to-two year RRTTC grants and are selected on a competitive basis following external peer review. The research project results are made available through publications, seminars, presentations, and news releases.

The RRTTC has many notable achievements throughout the years that involve UNI students, community members, and local organizations. We have partnered with organizations such as the Healthy Cedar Valley Coalition, and many Cedar Falls/Waterloo schools that have helped make our outcomes possible.

In the years 2010-2014, we have hosted 23 films with the help of the HCVC, and over 750 students, faculty, and community members have attended.

We have also hosted various events for UNI Earth Week. Some of these activities include cleanups, movies, scavenger hunts, 5k's, cookouts, and outdoor yoga. Throughout the years of 2009-2014, almost 3,000 students and faculty have attended.