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Archived Tips

12 Tips for Flipping Learning

by Jon Bergmann - one of the developers of the flipped classroom model







Blackboard Mobile Learn

Blackboard Mobile Learn is now FREE for UNI, and you may install it on your moble device. Search for Blackboard Mobile Learn in the App store.





Adding Someone to Your Course:

If you'd like to add someone (a Non-Register User) to your eLearning course, fill out this form: Be sure to include information about your Course Name, Number, Section, and the person's UID# or CatID Username.

There are 6 different roles you may assigned them to:

Instructor; Course Builder; Teaching Assistant; Grader; Student; and Guest. Refer to this page for more details.





Course Copying Issue:

Do not repeat the course copy process! Sometimes it just takes a while for your course to be copied over. If you double (or tripple) copy, it creates many issues. (With all that said, if you accidentally did that, just contact Farah!)