COE Visiting Scholars

Dr. Justo Gallardo - Visiting scholar in the Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations.



Dr. Gallardo has prepared English teachers for 30 years at the Universidad de Tarapacá, located in Arica, Chile.  He came to UNI to carry out research on teacher education and educational reform in the United States.  Chile is currently going through significant changes in education not unlike those in the U.S.  Dr. Gallardo has had a long and productive relationship with UNI.  He first came as a visiting professor teaching Spanish courses 1994-1995.  He later returned to earn his Ed.D. in 2003.  Because of the personal and professional relationships built over time he considers the Department of Educational Psychology and Foundations his home at UNI.   Dr. Gallardo will be visiting from September 2012 through January 2013.  Although he does have a research agenda, Dr. Gallardo would be pleased to talk with any faculty, classes, or students that are interested.  He may be reached at 613 SEC, 273-6138.


Mr. Andrea Comini - Visiting scholar in UNI's Strength and Conditioning program.



Mr. Andrea Comini is from Gavardo, a village in Italy between the cities of Brescia and Verona, where, since 2006 he has worked in different capacities for several sport organizations and professional athletes. Mr. Comini has developed strong competencies both as a strength and conditioning coach and in athletes’ technical development through his extensive educational background, culminated in a Master of Arts in "Sport science and techniques" at the University of Verona. He has hands-on experience in planning yearly Strength and Conditioning programs for teams and individual athletes and personally leading training sessions. Since last October Mr. Comini has joined the UNI's Sports and Conditioning program, under the supervision of Head Coach, Jed Smith and his Assistant Coach, Nick Davis.  Since joining UNI's Sports and Conditioning program, he has enjoyed learning and sharing different coaching methods.


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Mr. Ibrahim Hakan Karatas - Visiting scholar in UNI's Educational Leadership and Post Secondary Education Department

Ibrahim Hakan Karatas arrived in June 2012 to begin a year of post-doctoral studies in Educational Leadership.  After earning his BA in Turkish language and literature and his MA in Turkish language, Karatas earned his Ph.D. in 2008.  Karatas explained that there is a significant ongoing debate in Turkey about how to improve principalship training programs.  His main research focus has been on the role of educational nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) and educational associations, as he believes that these organizations will be the leaders of change in the coming years.  He aims to create an online sharing website which details standards, ethics, and practices for principalship programs.  Karatas explained that such a website is extremely valuable because it is difficult to get Turkish language articles and books; the website can serve as a resource for educators across Turkey who would not otherwise have access to such information, and will additionally allow peers to share information with one another.  Eventually, Karatas plans to look at educational policy, as what he has learned in his studies in Europe, Africa, and the US has taught him that there are increasing connections in education across the world.