Contemporary Issues in Leadership (7th Edition) Edited by William E. Rosenbach, Robert L. Taylor, and Mark A. Youndt (2012). Boulder, CO: Westview Publishing

June 2013

According to the editors of this book, the mark of good leadership is followership.  The book consists of several essays, research reports, testimonials and case studies that focus on different aspects of leadership.  The book is divided into five sections -- heart, relationships, journey, hazards and soul.  The editors believe that these are characteristics of the ultimate leader.

A leader with heart is emotive and connected to not only the cognitive, but also the affective.  In order to be a successful leader, the person must build relationships to enhance his or her skills or to provide mentorships for emerging leaders.

A courageous leader focuses on empowering followership in order to induce productivity and measurable outcomes.  The journey of a leader begins with self. An outstanding leader must focus on reflection, evolution and impact.  This developmental sequence engages the leader in conditions that stimulate actions.

An effective leader must know how to navigate the hazards of management crises, employee disconnects and fiscal infidelity.  These hazards can be avoided if an atmosphere of transparency, collaboration and honesty is embraced by the leader.

A leader must be a champion of veracity by following an internal moral code of ethics that is manifested as honorable actions.  A leader with these types of characteristics is one who possesses soul.

I found many gems in this book that will enhance my leadership abilities.